How to join us

An EAPRASnet pediatrician in each participating country serves as a EAPRASnet National Coordinator. Your coordinator can arrange for you to receive the materials that allow you to join. All you and your colleagues initially need to do is to complete the enrollment questionnaires and send them back to the EAPRASnet research staff and become members of the European Academy of Paediatrics at a discounted rate.

You will receive a variety of materials about upcoming EAPRASnet studies and a newsletter. Your coordinator will meet with other EAPRASnet coordinators and the EAPRASnet research staff to relay your feedback to the rest of EAPRASnet, get feedback on projects in progress, and work on new study proposals. As new projects are readied for implementation, your coordinator will approach you about participating.

if you want to become EAPRASnet member.

For general information about the EAPRAS network, how to join or any EAPRASnet research study, please send an e-mail to:

For information about how to join the European Academy of Paediatrics EAP or to update your information, please send an e-mail to :