Why join us

Perhaps you have been wondering about the usefulness of some of the routine procedures and examinations that you do in practice and whether or not they are effective. Possibly you are frustrated with groups that try to regulate the content and delivery of paediatric care without understanding what practitioners do. Maybe you would like to be part of a group of practicing paediatricians that is attempting to understand the best ways to deliver child health care.

As a practitioner, you possess expertise on how a primary care practice runs and know which research questions are important for paediatric practice. By linking you with experts in study design and research methodology, EAPRASnet capitalizes on your expertise and lets you participate in generating new knowledge about paediatric practice and child health. You might even be able to see your own question develop into a project that can be researched throughout the network.

AAP PROS practitioners tell us that they enjoy being part of an overall research effort that routinely solicits their input on study questions and study designs (protocols and materials) and that examines questions relevant to the day-to-day practice of paediatrics. They also tell us that parents view research involvement on the part of the paediatric practice in a very positive light, and are eager to fill out questionnaires when they are a part of a study. Participating practitioners get preliminary reports of research results as soon as they are available and review manuscripts before they are submitted for publication. All participating practices are acknowledged at the end of published articles.